Dorothy I Height Elementary School (formerly John Eager Howard)

project Summary

The John Eager Howard community is very connected to its school, both as a place to foster students' academic success and as a neighborhood resource and gathering place.

This school will be renovated and expanded, retaining its accessible common areas including its separate auditorium, gymnasium, and cafeteria and reconfiguring space in the adjoining recreation center. At the same time, academic wings will be renovated and expanded with new construction, resulting in grade-level classroom clusters with flexible areas for collaboration, project work, small and large group activities, and other best practices in teaching and learning for the 21st century.

With the recommended closure of Westside Elementary School after completion of construction at John Eager Howard and anticipated population growth in the neighborhood, enrollment at the latter school will increase. The newly renovated and expanded building will provide a welcoming and inspiring setting for both student learning and community engagement.

Project Executives

Gary A. McGuigan, Eric Johnson


Cho Benn Holback & Associates

Construction Manager

J. Vonton Schafer & Sons

Project Budget


Completion Date

January 2018