Environmental Initiatives

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 05:36 pm

A United Approach

Environmental Team
MSA’s environmental team consists of key members within our organization that are working on the LEED certification project for Oriole Park at Camden Yards and the Warehouse at Camden Yards. In addition, we work with our LEED consultant and recycling consultant who meet with us bi-weekly to discuss the process, where we stand, and what credits we can achieve. Our mission is not only to accomplish LEED certification, but to ensure that the Camden Yards Sports Complex operates as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Annual Environmental Goals
One major goal that we strive to attain is the State of Maryland recycling minimum of 30%. M&T Bank Stadium has made that minimum for the past couple of years, 46% in 2016; however, it took some work at Oriole Park. In 2016, we made 32% which is up from 19% in 2015. This was a major accomplishment for us as well as our stadium partners.

Environmental Restoration or Community Environmental Projects
MSA participates in annual Community Service days which consist of cleaning up the Gwynns Fall Trail and planting trees in the area .We recently partnered with the National Wildlife Federation and created the Oriole Garden near the War Memorial on Camden Yards Sports Complex. Its purpose is to plant the types of plants that will attract Oriole birds to the garden.

Also in previous years, we have enlisted the services of Greenstreet Academy during Baltimore Ravens’ game tailgating to engage fans in sustainable practices such as recycling their bottles and cans rather than throwing them into the trash. Just this month, we planted an additional 75 trees across Camden Yards Sports Complex by partnering with the Baltimore Tree Trust.


Solid Waste Reduction and Reuse
In order to decrease our waste across the CYSC, we deployed additional trash and recycling receptacles in each stadium and around the perimeter to encourage more employee and fan participation. Overhead signage and painted floor stencils were added in the Oriole Park loading dock to make the point of separation easier for the janitorial staff and stadium partners. After all was said and done, Oriole Park had a decrease of 87.65 tons of waste from 2015 to 2016.

Both stadiums recycle similar products, but the quantities vary based on the number of games and events in each facility.

M&T Bank Stadium has had much success with food composting over the past few years (over 30 tons per year). That practice has recently been introduced at Oriole Park.

Both stadiums underwent renovations on their fields in 2016. Oriole Park recycled 1,000 tons of sod into topsoil during their upgrade and M&T Bank recycled over 2,500 tons of stadium turf and rubber pellets during their conversion to natural grass.

Hazardous Waste/Toxic Use Reduction
Both stadiums are extremely cautious of the products they purchase, use and how they are properly disposed. There are processes in place to call in appropriate contractors to throw away hazardous materials as well as the MSDS sheets that explain how hazardous waste should be discarded.


Energy Efficiency
We have installed 16 sub-meters to measure our utility usage in our substations. At any given time, we are able to access the database and look at any substation to see where its energy usage, natural gas and steam are at both stadiums and the Warehouse. Oriole Park also upgraded the stadium sports lighting to energy-efficient LED lights in late 2016 which reduced energy consumption by 54% on lighting alone.

Renewable Energy
We have installed 9 vehicle charging stations on the Camden Yards Sports Complex parking lots as well.

Water Conservation
In addition to the energy measurements, the new metering system mentioned above also measures chilled water and domestic water usage for all buildings on the Camden Yards Sports Complex.

Stormwater Management and Site Design
We take a more vigilant approach to ensuring the products are not emptied into the drainage system. The janitorial staff walks the perimeter more often to make sure trash is not going into storm drains, and we also installed the Oriole Garden to reduce run-off.


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