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Next Maryland Stadium Authority Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, May 29, 2015
10:00 AM
Executive Board Room
333 W. Camden Street, Suite 500
Baltimore, MD  21201

Meeting notice current as of May 10, 2015



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Current Projects

Following the successful completion of Oriole Park in 1992, the Maryland Stadium Authority has been asked to participate in a number of public facility projects throughout the State of Maryland.

The degree of MSA involvement differs from project to project, but they fall into two basic categories – those which are mandated by the Maryland General Assembly, and those initiated by local jurisdictions, agencies, or universities.

Those originating with the legislature involve language in the Maryland Code, which gives MSA the authority to issue bonds for the financing, oversee project management and have an operational oversight role. These projects include the two Baltimore stadiums, Baltimore and Ocean City Convention Centers, Hippodrome, and Montgomery County Conference Center.

With other projects, MSA has served as the owner’s representative, construction manager, or consultant. On projects where MSA provides management services, the agency is reimbursed for its professional services.

After more than twenty years of building projects throughout the State of Maryland, the Stadium Authority enjoys a reputation for delivering quality work on time and on budget.