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Tuesday, June 20th
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Resource Conservation

Since 2005, MSA has reduced domestic water consumption by several million gallons per year through some simple operational changes, such as sensors to determine the need for irrigation.

MSA has also been successful in maintaining or reducing electrical and steam usage, even while adding electrical components. By sealing the building envelope to reduce heat and air loss, the HVAC systems operate more efficiently.

Woman CleaningIn 2008, MSA selected a new vendor to provide janitorial services at Camden Yards and adopted more environmentally sensitive cleaning practices and product use.

Among these procedures were "no touch" systems which combine pressure washing, product application, and wet vacuuming into a single process. This minimizes chemical use and reduces staff contact with both chemicals and soiled surfaces. Microfiber technology also has been introduced.

This reduces the time and energy required for certain tasks, again with less reliance on chemicals.

To reduce water consumption and increase productivity, the cleaning contractors continue use of automatic scrubbers and rotary spray systems.

A 7,000 gallon tank installed under the north parking lot in 2011 captures runoff from the Warehouse roof. This reservoir is pumped for irrigation and power washing, reducing the use of potable water.

Oriole Park is not the only stadium in Camden Yards attuned to meteorology. Now M&T has its own scientific weather station.

You can see it extending from a black bracket attached to the brick above the cherry picker. It's the little white thing, about the size of a ceramic insulator.

While our weather station won't tell us when to carry an umbrella or give news on the 8's, it performs a number of environmental duties for stadium operations. It has a remote sensor that communicates with the irrigation system to let it know when and how much to water. It also records rainfall and maintains records of barometric pressure, humidity and temperatures. It alerts us when ice (a major hazard) is forming.

Limiting irrigation not only conserves water, but the energy consumed by running the system when it is not needed. The installation of this weather wizard before summer will help us realize savings immediately.

Recognizing that water is not only a precious resource but also an expensive one, the operations staff at M&T Bank Stadium also replaced the original urinals in the stadium in 2012 with 150 new ones that use waterless technology.

One waterless urinal saves 1.5 gallons of water per use. Over the course of the NFL season, there are ten home games. Because 60% of those attending and working the sold-out games are male, these urinals get a great deal of use during the roughly five hours the complex and concession stands operate on game day.


In all, this technology saves 65,700 galls of water per game, or 657,000 per season.

This is just a baseline, as the stadium is in use for smaller events year round. Over the course of the year, the water and cost savings will actually be much greater.

A few years ago, MSA renovated the Bullpen Picnic area, adding these gorgeous red maples.

The existing hardscape was improved with pervious brick pavers, establishing a surface that was easier to walk on and more absorbent of stormwater.

Lovely as this new area was, it was enhanced when the Garden of Greats was added this year. Unfortunately, the pavers didn't work with the pedestals.

That would have meant a trip to the recycler for these very expensive, barely used pavers. Except they presented an opportunity to address a long-standing challenge on the other side of the campus (and save some serious $$$ in the process.)

So the pavers were powerwashed, stacked, and shipped to M&T Bank Stadium for a new assignment in the hospitality village.

The area on the periphery of the stadium, dotted with purple tents and white picket fences on game days, is a popular option for groups attending Ravens games.

So popular that grass won't grow in some places. This isn't from foot traffic alone. Shade from maturing trees and poor drainage along Hamburg Street contribute to impossible growing conditions.

Replacing sod every year was an expensive proposition. And it didn't address the drainage or shade issues. A permeable surface over a regraded, filtered base was needed. So when the pavers became available, a creative solution was at hand.

Here you see LMC, our landscaping contractors, excavating the area to stabilize the drainage problem. They apply a semi-permeable membrane and crushed stone as a base for the pavers.

Next, the pavers are tapped into place. That's Bobby Brauns in the green shirt. (Bobby was last seen installing the weather station on the south side with a cherry picker. He's a true utility player.)

Because the pavers do not require mortar, precipitation drains between them and is slowly absorbed instead of running off.

The team is really hustling to get this patio done. Their goal is to have it in place before the Premier League soccer match on July 28th, followed by the Ravens Open Practice a week later on August 4th.

This represents a win on both sides of Camden Yards. Our Bullpen Picnic pavers get a new home, and M&T Bank Stadium's hospitality village gets an attractive, environmentally sensitive upgrade that will last for years.

Energy Use Continues to Fall in 2012

Although annual energy consumption figures are tallied by Fiscal Years, MSA supplies ongoing data to the State of Maryland. So with the end of
2012 upon us, this is a good time to check how we did this year.

These graphs and pie charts show how significantly energy consumption is down, and how it continues to fall as we continue and enhance our conservation practices.

If you want to view the reports from the various facilities in our complex, go to the Maryland website at: Use the drop down menu on the left to find "Stadium Authority".